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Natural biosphere reserve.


The diversity and the wildlife abundance is one of the most important features of the Canary Islands. The island of El Hierro is a biosphere reserve. Many immersion sites are located in the Mar de las Calmas marine reserve

The little and highly regulated local fishery and the island's small population preserve the perfect balance of the environment. We benefit from one of the best visibility in the world and the transparent waters are ideal for underwater photography.

El Hierro's magic

Classified biosphere reserve, El Hierro is the second steepest island in the world. Its layered landscapes offer all kind of environments: from a volcanic shore and its endemic lizards to a Mediterranean landscape and its almond trees, a Pyrenean forest, or an Irish pasture with sheeps and cows. Geological and prehistoric heritage is unique there, mysterious bimbache's petroglyphs decorate the entire island, and a full range of publications on the subject are available in information centers, tourist offices and island bookshops; very few regions in Spain are that openly educated and conscious of their own environment. The vegetal ecosystem is also unique because of these geological and morphological parameters : living proof of this are El Garoé and El Sabinar, unbelievable creeks displaying landscapes and plants from another world.

Diving, nature and culture

The diversity and wildlife abundance are some of the most important features when diving in El Hierro. The little and highly regulated local fishery and the island's small population preserve the perfect balance of the environment.


The transparent water offers an average visibility of about 30 meters and up to 50 meters (160 feet). You can literally feel like you're flying in some dive sites.
The water temperature stays above 19°C (66°F) during the coldest months of February and March and reaches 24°C (75°F) in July and August. It maintains at 22°C (72°F) in December. The waters of El Hierro are then the hottest of the archipelago.


The entire island is included in the biosphere reserve, it has a total area of 278 km2 (107 mi2). El Hierro was listed as biosphere reserve in 2000 and Geopark in 2014. The island is home to a great diversity of landscapes: crops areas (vines, pineapples, bananas...), cliffs, lava flows and geological cones, lush vegetation areas. This led to a huge biodiversity: laurel forests that are an authentic remembrance of the Tertiary vegetation, oak and beech, Canary pine and juniper bushes. La Restinga - Mar de las Calmas marine reserve is also the house of precious marine habitats.


The excellent cuisine is mainly based on fresh fish from small scale fishery. Natural sites are practically virgin. The sympathy of the inhabitants is a real thing. We enjoy the perfect air temperature throughout the year, very mild in the winter (around 19°C - 66°F) and cool in the summer (maximum 25°C - 77°F) that allows outdoor meals and light clothing year round. This specific setting provides you with a peace of mind you won't find in any other diving destination in Spain.

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